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Forum Thread: Football Coaches

A while back I was coaching a team that had a lot of talent but almost no heart. No matter how many times I had these kids hit each other, they would not get mad. I could not get the effort we needed out of them week in and week out, so we suffered a disappointing 500 season. Do any of you coaches have any techniques on getting these kids to WANT to win. I know running them for losing is always a good plan, but instead of winning because of fear, how do we get these kids to really feel the pa...

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In football, she’s a defender and she plays for Canberra United. She has made 11 appearances for her national side, scoring twice. She made her debut for Australia in an Olympic qualifying match against Hong Kong when she was 16 years and 9 months old, just two weeks after her international cricket debut.

Forum Thread: Players for Players to follow

In youth sports, I believe that giving young players examples to follow can really make a huge a difference. In school I played Defensive End and a guy I really looked up to then for his tenacity and tough ball playing was USC Defensive End Frostee Rucker, who could really get after the passer and make things happen. Living in Los Angeles, every kid knew who he was because he was the master of the sack in his time at USC. I wanted to pose the question though, What role does a players work eth...

Forum Thread: Great Coaches

It seems that the days of the great motivators are behind us. In the wake of Phil Jackson's 11th championship victory, I wanted to pose the question. Are there any coaches in today's professional or college era that truly represent greatness and set the example for other coaches to follow?  In my coaching days, I really tried to be as tough as I could while also showing the kids that I really cared for them. My example then was former Rams coach Dick Vermeil, who was a passionate fiery coach ...

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