News: Parent's Egos

Parent's Egos

Parent's Egos

When a kid starts playing baseball, he knows nothing about the game.

He doesn't know the positions or how he found 1st base. He is just happy to play with his new

buddies on a TEAM. By the time he is 8, he isn't happy with his Playing Time. He isn't happy with

his position. What happened? What made this kid think that the experience wasn't fun if he wasn't

playing SS or P? What soured this kid to the idea of playing hard and having fun with his buddies on

the TEAM? This didn't used to happen? But then PARENT'S EGOS weren't part of the equation. Kids

don't get unhappy because of Playing Time or not getting to play a particular position, PARENTS

DO and they poison the well. The kid thinks he is letting his parents down if he doesn't play a

particular position. So he finds another activity in which, maybe, Mom and Dad's ego will not

get involved.

The Coach 

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